Alexa Ray Joel hit the road this past fall for a 16- City tour in support of her independently recorded and distributed debut EP, Sketches. The songwriter/pianist/vocalists fall tour includes stopped along the West coast that began this past September in Portland at the Marquee opening for Teddy Geiger and Holly Brook! before breaking off on her own to headline in various cities around the country (schedule attached). Sketches, a self-described pop/soul/blues" collection of six songs, recently became available on www.Itunes.com and www.alexarayjoel.com . Similarly, Alexa Ray is very hands-on in all aspects of presenting and sharing her music, from designing every aspect of her EP cover to personally maintaining her own website. Alexa Ray also uses her site as a portal to debut new songs and directly communicate with her fans and musician friends. Raised in a musical home on Long Island, Alexa Ray's gift for singing and songwriting was strongly encouraged by her parents. Among her earliest memories is her father singing and playing nursery rhymes for her on the piano. Alexa Ray underwent classical piano training for many Years before developing a love of songwriting, discovering her piano training to be a solid foundation for her songwriting. Look for more on Alexa Ray Joel in future issues of the Scene

For further info, visit http://www.alexarayjoel.com or http://www.myspace.com/alexarayjoel