Hillary Flowers' Fashion Designs

Hillary Flowers hails from southern Minnesota and she spent her early childhood in Alaska. She attended the University of Wisconsin, Madison and received her Bachelor's degree in fine art with an emphasis on performance art in December of 2002.

In Madison, Hillary balanced her love for the musical limelight with her academic discoveries in the areas of fine art and performance studies. Her performances spanned from West African Dance through her time with the Darraye Djolof Dance Company to Flaminco and Modern Dance through her time with the Chicago-based dance troupe called Ethnic Exposure. One highlight of her stage career includes performing at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Upon graduating from UW-Madison, Hillary embraced a spirit of adventure and ventured to New York City in August of 2003. In NY she continues to write songs and pursue her career as a singer and song-writer. Her artistic vision has led her to record more than 50 original songs in various genres and she has traveled all over the New York Metropolis to collaborate with different musicians and producers. (Check Out the "Hear MP3's" Link).

Hillary was offered a Halloween Fashion Event and so instead of traditional costumes such as Cinderella, she decided that body paint was an interesting costume. This event created such a huge media buzz and following that she was offered a few other body paint shows to follow. (Check Out The "Body Art Photos" Link) Upon making friends with other designers and selling to more shops, Hillary decided to feature them in her fashion events (Check Out the "Featuring Designers" Link

Recently, Hillary's main focus is on featuring the new clothing boutique that she just opened February 2007 with business partner Simone Tarantino called "The Changing Room" located in 3 Centre Market Place in Little Italy, NYC.

Featured on the cover of "Talent In Motion" Feb 2007 Issue she received the "TIMMY Award" for Best Designer. Hillary realizes that there is no end to creativity, and her imaginative integration of music, fashion, and performance will surely continue to make its mark in NY. She has produced more than 25 original fashion events. She artfully coordinates models, make up artists, hair stylists, photographers, video and press for each event that she produces.

New York City, itself, is an inspiration to the celebration of individuality. As a performance artist in college, she was combining fashion, film and music in her interdisciplinary creations. This was brought to a new level in NY, when Hillary wore one of her hand crafted designs to the lower-east-side boutique Apollo Braun, who then offered to sell her fashions in the shop.

Hillary Flowers' fashion designs