In Step with Michelle

Sauntering around a local Levittown watering hole, I park myself next to the bar in my sexy, black, Steve Madden, wedge heels. Yup, If you haven’t guessed by now, what with the graphics just to the left of this text and the headlines above…I’m dishing dirt on this summer’s shoe trends. Comfort conundrums aside, I check the footwear of the fashionistas prancing around on this hot June evening. A first glance finds “vintage” styles that…well, never really go out of style. Another constant with this style though, is that they never supply any comfort. But hey, it’s about how you look. This summer’s vintage inspired heels are coming in a lot of browns and bronzes. For vintage-inspired, go with Marc Jacobs.

To add to your “dogs” discomfort, this season is seeing more sling backs which are always ‘Hot looking” but not always practical. But again, no pain no gain. On a positive note, sling backs make your legs look like a million bucks and go with everything. Dressy, casual, sling backs do it all. For sling backs, go with Gucci.

My personal favorite, like I stated is the wedge heel. Full support, comfort and great styles that work in jeans or a dress, makes the wedge the perfect mix of function and form. For the perfect wedge, look for Louis Vuitton.

A couple of tall ladies pass me in flats. Good choice for folks who don’t want to look like they came from WNBA practice. City dwellers love their flats. XOXO has great flats this summer. Works well with capris, shorts, etc. If you’re at the beach you’re gonna probably see more thongs on the toes than on the ass. Like their namesake though, they’re more suited for fashion than function. But, still a great way to show off a half naked foot. For the thong, pick Prada. As I order a drink, I think, “here’s to this summer’s shoes.” See ya next month.