Laurie Ann is a versatile/talented artist, With an absolutely breathtaking voice, striking beauty and charisma, this native New York born artist has gained over 15 years of experience in the music industry. Laurie Ann has now brought her unique blend of Pop/Rock/Country to the scene, not only composed her own songs and melodies but has also co-written other material for her own premiere CD. Her influences and talent has afforded her to work with many other well-known artists in the industry such as India Arie, Peter Kuperschmid and Joseph Balldassare on the track “I Confess” known as Buddha Bar Presents Living Theatre Vol. 3 Album. Also, her involvements include working closely with Schuyler Deale, known bass guitarist for Billy Joel and Michael Bolton. Laurie Ann was selected as one of the featured artist for The Silver Ladder Music Group 10th Anniversary Compilation Album that will be released in Nashville, Tennessee mid November 2006. “Unsatisfied” which is composed by Laurie Ann and Producer Issac Bichachi was made part of The Silver Ladder Music group Compilation Album.

Scene: What do you want the public to know about you as an artist?

Laurie Ann: I would like the public to know that I wish to continue writing, singing an performing my music that inspires the heart and soul with lyrics true from my life experiences.

Scene: What motivates your creativity and brings out the best in you?

Laurie Ann: Well…I would have to say, I believe what motivates me the most is my privilege to work together with such down to earth and talented musicians. Through cohesive writing, we create the unity in our music that I want to emphasize to all my close fans and public abroad.

Scene: What are your personal thoughts/feelings as an artist?

Laurie Ann: I feel that my talents have only taking me to what I have completed thus far, Ibelieve through the proper guidance and vision I can continue to grow and succeed as an artist. With combined efforts, I can spread my talent, my style and the love I possess through my music.

She can also be heard on India Arie’s new album entitled “Testimony: Vol.1, Life & Relationships” on India Arie’s rendition of Don Henley’s song “In The Heart of The Matter”.

Please visit www.laurieannfessler.com to see and hear more of her music with free down loads.