A note from the Long Island blues scene

by bill foolery (Billfoolery.com)

The Long Island music scene encompasses many talented artists from a full spectrum of genres. They can be seen around Long Island both as regulars and some when they come to town as part of a tour.

Some of the professional, touring musicians stop through here as they come to play festivals or The Northfork Theater, The Bolton Theater, IMAC, The Beacon in NYC, The Coliseum, etc. The bands and players that are from these parts, and some that are not, can be seen in-between their big gigs at local venues for some real up-close and personal performances. Those are gems that local fans get to feast on.

From right here on Long Island (Sea Cliff) comes a guitar player by the name of Andy Aledort. He has a band called the Groove Kings. They are a talented rock band and their variety of blues/rock is closely related to the genres of Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn that are frequently covered but hard to cover well.

Aledort is a masterful rock guitar player who creates as well as covers the Hendrix’s and Vaughn’s and he is employed by some of the best bands and tribute shows in the country. His upcoming schedule includes some must-see shows at The Beacon Theater in Oct. (Hendrix Tribute show with players from Hendrix’s old pals and Stevie Ray Vaughn’s, Double Trouble, among many others).

Aledort is scheduled Oct. 4 at Northstar Restaurant in Pound Ridge, NY (9-12pm), Westchester Ave. The show is billed “with great players sitting in”. That is an ominous suggestion considering Aledort plays with the best.

After that his schedule includes an appearance at Stephen Talkhouse (the Hamptons) and then the Jimi Hendrix tour stop at The Beacon Theater (described above) in NYC on Oct. 17.

These shows and more can be found at AndyAledort.com. and JimiHendrix.com.

There are many more talented local artists in blues, rock/blues and other bluesy genre’s in the area. Check them out at a little place near you.