In this real-life take on “Sex And The City,” the streets of Gotham assume a starring role alongside Lisa, her trio of Carrie Bradshawish friends which includes her sister Debbie, her Mom, several supporting well-knowns and her would-be suitors. And why not? This Austin born cutie’s rise to fame in 1995 occurred right here in the Big Apple, when she was a huge part of an art and music scene that included Janine Garafalo, Ben Stiller and Ethan Hawke and landed her a #1 Single on the pop charts with “Stay.” Ten years gone, and Lisa’s back in a Chelsea apartment, dating up a storm, eating out a heckuva lot and consulting with her friends at least twice an episode. Ms. Loeb is like our own New York travel guide...But more important than exposing us to hip New York landmarks every Sunday night, Lisa bared her soul (and her butt in an early episode) for all the world to see. She seems even more personable and down-to-earth than her already unbelievably sincere, perky and likable stage persona. And after spending eight weeks with Loeb, we’ve realized that maybe Reality doesn’t Bite after all and that Lisa is New York’s #1 Single giving hope to a city of misanthropic daters that have maybe given up on finding true love. We at the SCENE are smitten by Lisa, so we’ve decided to pop the question…actually many questions in this month’s exclusive interview: