The Police


When The Police first broke into the music scene in the late 1970s, they were praised as a recusant live band - a group that propelled an already remarkable studio sound into something transcendental when performing. Sting, Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers played a revolutionary mix of different genres of music, which established them as one of the definitive rock groups of the'70s and '80s.

In March of 1984, after six immensely successful years, each band member went on to peruse his own solo career. Although The Police existed for only a short period of time, their influence on the genre of rock is unparalleled. In their existence, they introduced a unique and distinctive sound that was a combination of jazz and reggae while at the same time incorporating elements of early punk rock. To this day, the band has sold over 50 million albums worldwide and accumulated six Grammy Awards.

This summer, The Police will be touring for the first time together in nearly 20 years. Some of the major cities include New York, Boston, Oakland, Seattle, Denver, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Dallas. “The Police Live in Concert is one of the most anticipated musical events of this decade.” said Gary Arnold, senior vice president of entertainment for Best Buy.

To celebrate the band’s 30th anniversary, the band’s first double disc Greatest Hits album was released June 11th entitled The Police. The album consists of 30 tracks including classic songs like “Roxanne”, “Message In a Bottle”, “Don’t Stand So Close To Me”, and “Walking On The Moon”.

The Police will be performing at Madison Square Garden on August 1st and 2nd .