Vic Latino


SCENE: For our readers who may not be that familiar with you, can you give them a short little background on where they may have heard you?
Vic: Sure, I am the evening air personality on WKTU 103.5 fm in New York. I have been on MTV’s Super Sweet Sixteen, A&E’s Growing Up Gotti, All of the major news networks in New York and I have DJed on the Ellen DeGeneres show as well.

SCENE: You grew up on Long Island, then left for a while, and now are back in the city. What makes you come back to New York?
Vic: In radio, New York is the number one market in the country to work for. Like any other job you work in you want to be at the top of the latter in that particular field that you are in. With radio, starting out on long island with WBLI and then starting WXXP PARTY 105. I always wanted to work in New York City. Unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to go from working on Long Island to New York City. I had to leave New York, prove myself out of the market, and then get recognized and brought back to New York City.

SCENE: What do you like about living on Long Island?
Vic: I love long island because it is close to the city and everything that you have to be at, but at the same time far away and quiet so I don’t have to deal with the hustle that you deal with in the city. As much as you can be in the city relatively fast, you have the serenity and relaxation of being at home alone and you can enjoy the quality of life a little bit better.

SCENE: What is coming up for you in the near future?
Vic: I am going to start working on my new album in the next few weeks. Starting to put together the songs. I am on the radio every night from six to ten. I am djing on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. We are on the road djing across the country, just hustling, you know moving and grooving.